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Marketing Campaign Development

Marketing Campaign Development examples
Marketing Campaign Development

Marketing Campaign Development

Drive qualified leads to your business with a customized marketing campaign plan.

A successful marketing campaign plan relies on a mix of the right ingredients. The first thing you will need to identify is the goals and type of marketing campaign you will be running. There are many options available, from traditional print marketing initiatives to digital campaigns.

Print marketing campaigns such as direct mail can still be very effective with creative and personalized mailings. Well-designed brochures distributed at the right locations can bring in new customers, and generate brand awareness. Digital campaigns, from social media to pay per click campaigns can help with brand exposure and drive more traffic to your website. In most cases, a single campaign approach will not generate the type of return you expect. The most successful marketing plans usually combine traditional and digital campaigns.

For most small business owners, integrating different types of campaigns may seem complicated at first, but with the right guidance, you can develop a strategic marketing campaign that reaches your target audience and gives you a good return on investment.

The team at KKP provides clients with skilled advice, outstanding value, and a total commitment to service. We combine an unmatched understanding of traditional mediums such as print with a flair and passion for newer channels such as the web, social media, and email.  We can work with you to develop a campaign with the right mix for you.


The top benefits of using KKP’S marketing campaign development services are:

·         Collaboration for setting the goals of your marketing campaign plan.

·         Personalized advice to pick the best type of campaigns to reach your goals.

·         Assistance defining the target audience.

·         Guidance on setting up metrics and performance indicators to measure the campaign.

·         Quoting and budgeting for additional services needed for print and digital campaign.

·         Lead nurturing strategies.

Reach your target market with KKP’s step by step marketing campaign development service!

Planning your next marketing campaign should not be overwhelming. The KKP team has experience developing successful multichannel marketing campaigns. With comprehensive planning, we can help you define what success will look like for your business. Contact us!



Very professional and certainly helpful in everyway. Ensures what you need is explained back to you before taking the order. Always friendly and pleasant
5 Star Rating!
-Fay W
April 2018
The level of customer service the staff at KKP provide is outstanding! Always quick to respond & complete projects and they personally deliver them to our office. They're always reliable and a pleasure to work with.
5 Star Rating!
-Vanessa K
September 2017